Atlas Sound & Vision is a reseller and distributor of premium audio and visual products within Singapore, with has an employee strength of 95 in Singapore, 30 in Malaysia and 5 in Australia. Incorporated in 1962, Atlas has experienced rapid growth in both their revenue turnover and headcount over the past decade as a result of strong leadership and good foresight leading to capitalisation of business opportunities.

One of the key factors contributing to the company’s success is Atlas’ ability to manage, develop and retain talent. The average tenure of a Senior Manager is more than 7 years, which is a strong testament of Atlas’ success in Talent Management. The company understands that the replacement of talent is challenging and expensive, and to avoid this, it is constantly developing programmes to retain its high potential employees.

One key initiative is allowing employees to take up external professional courses to build up the functional and technical skills and knowledge. HR, with Management’s input, reviews the curriculum of relevant courses, including diplomas, degrees and MBAs and shortlists employees for relevant programmes. In addition, an employee can request for the company to completely fund or to co-pay fees for higher education. The employee may then be bonded to the company for a period of time. This drive for self-improvement is embraced by Management, with all directors targeting to complete their MBA by end of 2012.

The company recognises that programmes that resonate with Management may differ from those that appeal to employees at different levels. Through feedback from its employees, Atlas now provides entrepreneurial opportunities for its employees. Talented sales employees with strong performance will be given the opportunity to become independent dealers of Atlas products. They will be provided with marketing and start-up support from the company, but are fully in charge of managing their own bottom-line. Allowing these top employees to start their own business motivates them to work harder as they now see a more direct link between their performance and rewards and feel a stronger sense of ownership. 

Atlas’ efforts in understanding and catering to the needs of its employees, including its innovative way of addressing the entrepreneurial desires of its employees has helped the company gain recognition as an award-winning employer of choice amongst SMEs in Singapore.