Atlas Sound & Vision

Background of company

Atlas Sound & Vision is a reseller and distributor of premium audio and visual products within Singapore, with an employee strength of 95 in Singapore, 30 in Malaysia and 5 in Australia. Since its incorporation in 1962, they have seen rapid growth in both their revenue and headcount over the past decade as a result of strong leadership and good foresight leading to the capitalisation of business opportunities.

While Atlas believed in developing its employees and promoted largely from within the company, prior to the implementation of the HR Capability Toolkit, there were no job families for its various business units and no clear career paths developed for its employees. This resulted in a lack of clarity on career advancement for its employees.

Introduction of mentoring scheme and its benefits

Using the resources from the Career Management module of the HR Capability Toolkit, Atlas developed and formalised a mentoring scheme within the company. Each employee now has a colleague who performs as his/her Coach, Mentor or Supervisor. Although the roles are fixed and follow certain guidelines and criteria (e.g. mentor should have spent at least xx years within the company), the scheme still allows for flexibility in interaction.

Records of interaction between employees and their mentors are documented, and kept with the Head of Department, and recommended areas of improvement are communicated to the employees.

To address the lack of clear career advancement in the company, flowcharts have been created for possible lateral and vertical movements within the company for key initiatives. The crafting of flowcharts enables job transferring, as the company’s HR team is now able to work with the respective Heads of Departments to allow employees to have a new scope of work after a certain number of years. This focus on Career Management for key initiatives has allowed Atlas to motivate its employees, and as a result, it has been able to obtain a lower attrition rate than before it had rolled out such a programme.

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S$20-S$50 Million