Background of company

The Mothercare franchise was introduced to Singapore from the UK in 1984, and encouraged by its rapid expansion, the Singapore subsidiary acquired 100% of its UK parent company’s shares in 2007. As part of Succession Planning, the children started playing a more active role within the company’s operations alongside the owner of the business. The Executive Director of Mothercare oversees the daily operations of the company, while another family member is in charge of Business Development.

Bridging the gap between management and employee

One of the critical factors leading to their company’s success was the effective communication and engagement between Management and ground employees. The company believes in building relationships with employees by ensuring that Management remains approachable to all rank and file employees. This is evident in the active involvement of the Executive Directors in both work and social events – be it a store visit, a warehouse inspection, or company social activities such as the company’s annual dinner and dance. The company augments its employee relations efforts by publishing a monthly in-house newsletter. The newsletter shares new employee introductions, upcoming birthdays during the month and also the latest company news or developments.

Mothercare has utilised these internal communication platforms to articulate its vision and business goals and growth strategies to all employees.

Benefits of strong employee engagement

By having good employee communications and relations and a strong Performance Management system where KPIs, roles and responsibilities are clearly articulated and technical and functional training are well provided, Mothercare has seen a reduction in employee turnover by almost 50% as compared to rates 3 years earlier. This is a testament to the success of its strong employee engagement efforts, which has allowed Mothercare to continue meeting its business objectives in a challenging retail environment.

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Staff Strength:


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Sales Turnover:

S$60 million (Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong)