Atlas Sound & Vision

Background of company

Atlas Sound & Vision is a reseller and distributor of premium audio and visual products within Singapore, and has a staff strength of 95 in Singapore, 30 in Malaysia and 5 in Australia. Incorporated in 1962, they have seen rapid growth in both their revenue turnover and headcount over the past decade with a combination of strong leadership and the foresight to capitalise on business opportunities.

Self-implementing the manpower planning framework

Prior to the implementation of the HR Capability Toolkit, Atlas, like most companies in its initial phase of development, did not have a clearly defined approach to manpower planning. Its organisation structure was unstructured, and existed to serve the business needs of the company. Manpower planning was based on industry and competitor norms and supplemented with each business unit’s manpower requirements.

After attending the manpower planning training workshop, Atlas used the manpower requirement template for manpower planning on its retail and project teams to ascertain the effectiveness of the Toolkit. Through experience, Atlas has found the manpower planning template more applicable for jobs that are more transactional and predictable in nature.

Benefits of using the HR Toolkit

The use of this template has helped the management of Atlas better understand the job activities of each individual. This knowledge has helped Atlas to improve the recruitment and selection, and performance management for new employees. With a better understanding of how to use the template, Atlas will now use it to evaluate the work done by its Finance team and to see how technology can be used to reduce the workload of some of its executives.

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S$20-S$50 Million