TME Systems

Background of company

TME Systems Pte Ltd Singapore was established in 1986 and specialises in automation testing and measurement solutions for high tech products. Its core capabilities are in the distribution of world-class cutting edge technology products, industrial automation solutions, education trainer solutions and test and measurement solutions.

Issues faced by company

Manpower has always been a key concern for TME as its employees have to go through rigorous training to specialise in the niche areas that the company operates in. Due to the heavy investment in training, it has been a costly endeavor whenever an employee leaves the organisation as TME would have to devote resources in training a new employee. This problem is exacerbated by a lack of dedicated HR resources within the company.

Better manpower planning through the HR Toolkit

TME worked with SNEF Consultants to better ascertain its manpower gaps and to better plan its manpower needs. During a deep-dive study of TME’s manpower needs, the company realised that they were facing challenges due to a lack of HR resources. The absence of business forecasting for each division also revealed the reason for challenges in ascertaining its manpower requirements. A manpower audit also revealed their shortage of senior positions critical to leading its day-to-day operations.

TME took up the recommendations made by the consultant and customised the templates in the HR Capability Toolkit to meet their specialised business needs. This helps each division to better plan for its resources needs. The better management of workload for its employees has resulted in a lower attrition rate compared to previous years, and has given the company the confidence to come up with an improved set of recruitment and selection procedures to improve the suitability and quality of new employees to TME.

Year of Incorporation:


Staff Strength:

20 (at HQ Level)

Industry Focus:

IT Engineering

Sales Turnover:

S$5-S$20 Million