Greendot Gourmet

Background of company

Incorporated in November 2011, Greendot Gourmet is a perfect example of a start-up company. With its partners having no experience in food services, Greendot Gourmet faced numerous challenges right from the start. From opening its first vegetarian outlet 6 months ago, Greendot Gourmet has now moved on to start the second outlet, with plans for more in the months ahead.

Issues faced while starting up

As a startup, Greendot Gourmet faced difficulties in manpower planning along with recruitment and selection from its first day of operation. Being new in the industry, it was unaware of the optimal staff strength required to run the outlet smoothly. In addition, they were neither aware of any hiring process nor of any government regulations in place. By studying its competitors, they quickly found out that they were overstaffed and have since been trying to reach a more appropriate manning level. In addition, Greendot was also cognisant of the need for a basic employee handbook for its employees and attempted to do one up by searching the internet for guidance.

DIY through the HR Capability Toolkit

SPRING Singapore reached out to the company and introduced the HR Capability Toolkit to them. Since then, Greendot has been referencing the HR Capability Toolkit regularly, and used the templates within the recruitment and selection module when hiring staff.

The templates and appendices they found useful and would recommend to fellow start-ups are listed below:

Appendices Templates
Good interviewing skills Job description (sample)
Writing a job description Job application form
Contents of a personnel file Interview Evalutation Form
Suggested contents for the employee handbook Employment letter
Checklist for new hire

The HR Capability Toolkit has been extremely useful to the directors of Greendot Gourmet as they have little HR knowledge and do not have the resources to hire a dedicated HR employee to assist them in operations just yet. The templates and appendices offered within the document have provided them with the ability to pursue their business goals through a more structured recruitment and selection process.

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Industry Focus:

Food Services

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< S$1 Million