TME Systems

Background of company

TME Systems was established in 1986 and specialises in automation testing and measurement solutions for high tech products. Its core capabilities are in the distribution of world-class cutting edge technology products, industrial automation solutions, education trainer solutions and test and measurement solutions.

Issues faced by company

The company was facing high attrition amongst Gen Y staff members as they had become disillusioned with the fact that they were unable to attain a management position as quickly as they had hoped to have within a structure as flat as that of TME Systems. A main reason for this was the fact that employees were unable to transit into another role and develop additional competencies given the highly specialised and disparate nature of their jobs.

The lack of a recruitment and selection framework was also another problem for TME in their hiring process. In addition, the absence of a formalised resignation policy (voluntary or involuntary) for the company resulted in TME being unable to cope with manpower shortages. This came about due to the fact that many employees who had resigned had requested for a very short notice timeframe (<1 month). With little time to find the right replacement for the role, TME suffered from a vicious cycle that affected operations within the organisation. In instances when the company resorted to internal transfers to pick up the slack, further challenges surfaced as the position from the transfer required an external hire. This was a big problem for TME, as the buoyant job market had made it difficult to hire fresh graduates with a combination of sales and engineering skills.

Structured recruitment processes and better manpower planning

After getting a better understanding of the challenges faced by TME’s HR Manager, SNEF consultants was able to assist TME in utilising the contents of the toolkit. By using the Tools and Templates within the Recruitment and Selection module, TME was able to define a more realistic notice period when its employees tendered their resignation. With the benefit of time, TME was able to recruit employees who were better able to meet the needs of the business in a timely manner.

Utilisation of the HR Capability Toolkit has brought about an increased confidence in HR’s role amongst the managers of the company, and has allowed the HR manager to play a more strategic and proactive role in the company rather than a passive one. TME Systems has also tapped on the tools in the Manpower Planning module to plan and forecast their manpower needs for the year ahead. This has helped the company to better see a direct correlation between its business targets against its human resource requirements.

Year of Incorporation:


Staff Strength:

20 (at HQ Level)

Industry Focus:

IT Engineering

Sales Turnover:

S$5-S$20 Million