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Career Management

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Career Management involves establishing policies and processes which enable employees to establish their career objectives. It also involves determining appropriate educational and developmental programmes to further develop employees’ skills to achieve these career objectives

What is in this module

Guidelines on how to enable employees to develop their potential, establish their career objectives and understand their career paths in the company.


Career Management allows an employee to plan and shape the progression of his/her career based on the company’s needs, individual performance and preferences. Career Management aims to align the personal development and career progression needs of individual employees to the company’s need for management succession.




Atlas Sound & Vision

Atlas Sound & Vision is a reseller and distributor of premium audio and visual products within Singapore, with an employee strength of 95 in Singapore, 30 in Malaysia and 5 in Australia. Since its incorporation in 1962, they have seen rapid growth in both their revenue and headcount over the past decade as a result of strong leadership and good foresight leading to the capitalisation of business opportunities.

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