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Manpower Planning

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Manpower Planning is the process of identifying gaps in the current workforce capabilities vis-à-vis the future requirements and implementing solutions to bridge the gaps

What is in this module

Guidelines on how your company may plan for the appropriate type and number of employees thus avoiding the cost of overstaffing or understaffing.


A structured manpower planning policy can help companies better:

  • recruit and select the right people;
  • establish effective learning and development plans for its staff and
  • better strategize its career management plans to develop and groom employees to fulfil their manpower needs.




Atlas Sound & Vision

Atlas Sound & Vision is a reseller and distributor of premium audio and visual products within Singapore, and has a staff strength of 95 in Singapore, 30 in Malaysia and 5 in Australia.

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TME Systems

TME Systems Pte Ltd Singapore was established in 1986 and specializes in automation testing and measurement solutions for high tech products. 

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